06/22/08 update

Posted in website updates by mollycoddles on June 22, 2008
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Phew, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have to apologize to everyone for ignoring this website for so long. It’s a long story, but basically I needed to sort some stuff out in real life blah blah blah and maintaining a website was kind of a hassle. Especially with all that stupid html coding, which is not my strong point – as you can probably tell from how barebones everything here looks:) I’d switched to primarily posting on Deviantart for a while and I will continue to post my stuff there (and, as per an agreement with Dimensions, some of the stories posted here will also appear there), but, honestly, there was something I missed about the website. It’s like having my very own base of operations:)

Also, I noticed in my email – which I have been unfortunately ignoring (Bad Molly! Bad!) – that I’d received a couple new stories that I’ve neglected to post. That really got me thinking about how this site has grown to be more than just a place to post my own ramblings. I’m proud to think that several authors who have gone on to bigger and better things first got their start here – people like The Id, Billy Joe, Vader7974, etc. I’d like to think that this site could continue to be a spawning ground for promising new writers, but I guess we’ll see if that can continue after my extended bout as an absentee landlord.:)

As for updates: I’ve posted Alice 22 (which you may have seen elsewhere online already), complete with TWO illustrations by Vader. The Owl has written an awesome sequel to my popular story “Jenna.”
And dePuppy101brings us the much-anticipated Cloey 5.

I’m embarrassed by how lacksadaisical I’ve been this year, so I may have received more stories that I’ve since lost. If you’ve sent me something and I haven’t either posted it or replied via email, I’ve probably lost it, sorry. You can resend it to or let me know if you catch me on aim at mcoddles